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We offer different ways to buy WP-Script themes and plugins.

  • All prices are displayed dynamically depending on current offers.
  • VAT is included in the price when it must be applied in your country.

1. A la carte

You can buy each theme and each plugin individually.

For each of them, you have the choice between 3 plans:

  • 1 site
  • 5 sites
  • unlimited sites

Each plan represents the number of sites on which you can activate the product simultaneously.

The price differs depending on the number of sites you want. And you can upgrade a product plan at any time.

Upgrade a product plan with big discount

As a lovely customer, you can benefit very attractive prices whenever you want to upgrade a product plan.

Upgrade Formula

The formula to upgrade a product plan is the following:

Upgrade price = (Price of the plan you want) - (Price of the plan you have) + 10

You have nothing to do. The formula is applied automatically in pricing boxes on

Real Life Usecase

Let’s make an example with RetroTube Theme.

Here are the rates for this theme according to each plan:

  • RetroTube 1 site – 49 $34
  • RetroTube 5 sites – 69 $44
  • RetroTube Unlimited sites – 99 $69

Let say you bought RetroTube 1 site for $34...

At any time later, if you like Retrotube Theme and want to create new sites with it, you can upgrade you plan to RetroTube 5 sites.

Let's apply the formula:

Upgrade Price: 44 - 34 + 10 = 20

The product upgrade price will then be only $20, instead of $44 (RetroTube 5 sites default price).

The prices displayed on are calculated dynamically according to what you have already bought.

By purchasing our products à la carte, you own them for life, whatever the plan.

2. Starter Pack

Are you new to porn site creation? The Starter Pack is made for you.

The starter pack includes the 2 best products of WP-Script:

  1. RetroTube Theme 1 site
  2. WPS Mass Embedder 1 site

These products are considered products purchased à la carte. Which means that after purchasing the Starter Pack, you can upgrade RetroTube or WPS Masser Embedder to 5 or unlimited sites with an automatic discount applied on the site.

Furthermore the Starter Pack benefits from a very interesting additional reduction.

3. Full Access

The Full Access gives you access to all existing and future WP-Script themes and plugins, for unlimited sites.

This is ideal if you want to create a lot of sites with all the features offered by our different plugins.

We provide 2 different plans:

  • Full Access Yearly for $1,832 $197 – You have full access for 1 year.
  • Full Access Lifetime for $1,832 $297 – You have full access for life.

Upgrade to the Full Access

Once again, you'll get attractive prices to upgrade to the Full Access Lifetime.

From Full Access Yearly to Full Access Lifetime

You can upgrade from the Full Access Yearly to the Full Access Lifetime for only $147.

From any product to Full Access Lifetime

You can upgrade from any product(s) you bought to the Full Access Lifetime with an extra discount.

  • This extra discount depends on what you already bought.
  • This extra discount is automatically applied to Full Access Lifetime price on as soon as you are logged in.
  • The Full Access Lifetime has a floor price at $147 (Keep in mind that the Full Access gives you access to all future themes and plugins).

So if you already spent $100 on, you'll get an automatic $100 extra discount and can upgrade to the Full Access Lifetime for only $197 instead of $297. No pressure.