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Can I use WP-Script products on

WP-Script products are mainly designed to create adult Tube Sites. Yes, but:

  • All WP-Script Themes are empty when they are freshly installed.
  • Some WP-Script plugins are not dedicated only to the creation of adult sites. You can use the following plugins to build mainstream website:
    • WPS Youtube Import
    • WPS Adblocker
    • WPS Player
    • WPS Cookie Consent

So, can you use WP-Script products on It depends...

1. Hosting an Adult Website on

If you plan to use adult materials (videos or photos) on your site, you should NOT host your site on

danger does not accept adult content and your site may be deleted without warning.

2. Best hosting aternative to host an Adult Website for a low price

Let's be realistic, if you wanted to host your site on wordpress, you don't have a big budget for hosting.

Fortunately there are very good hosts that offer cheap services to start your site. Then, you are free to change this hosting according to the evolution of your site and your income.

We recommend our offer at our partner M3Server. They offer VPS Pro at $1.50 the first month, accept adult content and install WordPress and WP-Script for free for you.

3. Hosting a mainstream Website on

Finally, if ultimately your goal is to create a mainstream site, you can use