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WPS Player Faq

1. Can WPS Player be used to embed videos on my WordPress blog?

Yes, you can use WPS Player on any blog post or any page of your site.

2. Can I autoplay videos?

Yes, you can autoplay videos but mp4 videos only. Take a look at all the features.

3. Does WPS Player work on any WordPress theme?

Yes, WPS Player will work on any theme.

4. What kind of ads work with WPS Player?

5. Can I embed responsive videos?

Yes, hhis player will automatically display videos in a responsive way. They will fit the width of your content perfectly. The height is automatically calculated to provide a nice 16/9 video format.

6. Are videos embedded by WPS Player playable on mobile devices (iOS/Android)?

Yes, all videos will be played on all mobiles/tablets/desktop devices.

7. Can I share an embed video from my website?

No, there is no option to share the embed code of the video played within WPS Player.

8. Can my visitors download videos embedded with WPS Player?

No, WPS Player uses FluidPlayer under the hood. There are some features in FluidPlayer to allow visitors to download the video, but we hadn't reflected this option in WPS Player.

9. Do I need to host the mp4 videos to play them with WPS Player?

No, you can use a url to any mp4 file. It can be hosted anywhere. We recommend that you own the server where the videos you are using are hosted. This will assure you that the videos will not be deleted.